Better Products for Bioavailability

  • Lipid based formulation, softgel technology
  • Hot melt extrusion for tablets and capsule
  • Micronized/Nano particulate technology
  • Flash/fast-dissolve

Controlled Release Technology

​We offer a complete range of controlled release capabilities for tablets, capsule development. As the premier innovator of coated multi-particulate dosage forms, we bring years of experience to empower your controlled-release success on every level.

  • Barrier/reservoir type by coating technology 
  • Temperature-controlled release of matrix
  • Taste making of multiparticules
  • Delayed release:
    • Enteric coating
    • Delayed “dump”
    • Pulse
  • Sustained release
  • Combination profiles via multiparticulates and bilayer tablets

Formulation approaches for immediate release dosage form


Pharmula Laboratories has the expertise to work on the most challenging drug formulation issues, including poor water-soluble molecules, unstable compounds, innovative drug delivery systems, very low dose and high potency compounds. We work with our clients’ timelines.